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no imageSouth Africa

I'm a 38 year old Fashion Designer; I'm also a textile technician, Pattern Maker, and Visual Merchandiser. I studied fashion in Milan, Italy, in 2015, in that same year, I debuted my first fashion show at Milan Expo, the theme was 'Fashion and Food.' In 2016 I started my own brand CSG, in 2018, I debuted at the Turin Fashion Week. In September of 2019, I moved back to South Africa after 20 years. A dream I always knew would come true because home is where I wanted to bring what I've learned. C SG is a ladies and gentlemen brand that offers smart casual and elegant wear. Our primary focus is sustainable fashion. Currently, the fashion industry is focusing on how sustainable our garments are and what we as designers are doing to change the face of fashion by creating ecologically friendly garments that will stand the test of time in both quality and materials. As a textile technician, I have been very determined to find natural and alternative materials that are eco friendly. Today, 50% of our products are made from biodegradable textiles made from paper and recycled EE; we hope to produce our own sustainable textiles here in South Africa in the next two years.

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